Coast 2 Coast

for Cancer


And Now: Coast 2 Coast for Cancer The Relay 2016!

So the first leg of this amazing journey is over. Sierra, my trusted steed, Ursa my Loyal dog and I made it from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean! Now we are setting up Coast 2 Coast for Cancer as a relay! Ride It Horseback, walk it with a friend - furred or skinned, Ride it on an Iron Horse!! The route will be similar to the one we just finished. More Info to come!! Want to sit on a committee or take part contact me!

        Together, One Step at a Time

The Ride has begun! and on January 19th Sierra, Ursa and I put our toes in the Atlantic Ocean ~~ We Did It!!

The goal is to bring everyone together for a common cause, recognizing that cancer is cancer is cancer no matter whom is diagnosed. To raise money for the treatment of people and animals alike. Putting the Can back in the word cancer.

Cancer, a word which changes the course of lives in seconds. 

The first three letters of this word is CAN..... it is time to put the CAN back in cancer. Remembering that we Can do anything, with much more potential when we do it together.

It does not matter the color of your skin, nor is it species specific. Its effect on those diagnosed and those related is often devastating news. The toll it takes physically, mentally and emotionally can be a weight that burdens the strongest of shoulders.

This is a call, to come together, to offer support, empowerment and a new outlook for those who have been affected by this illness in any capacity. To raise money people for the advocacy of cancer patients and providing a professional social network of support for anyone with cancer. To raise money for animals to provide grant opportunities to aid in paying for expensive treatment options.

I am trilled to say that partnerships have also been formed with organizations with common motivation. Please visit our partners!



 Funding for the ride to continue is a necessity and can be done in a variety of ways including purchasing a name to be put on the trailer that will go Coast 2 Coast in our shadow. Any funds over the amount used to help fund the ride will be equally split between people and cancer and animals and cancer.  If any  this is something you would be willing to help with, please contact us at 360-265-3602.  This is a way for you to take part in this journey with me!


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