Coast 2 Coast

for Cancer

                                     The Vision

I am on the Trail!

I left Ocean City, WA May 8th with Dan who rode with me through the state of Washington. I am continuing on this journey, making my way East to Delaware gathering stories of adventure and meeting incredible people along the way. I am planning on visiting cancer care facilities en route, while our partners and I create events along the way. 


 The ride will culminate at Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware.  Where I will take off my boots and put my toes in the water with Sierra and Ursa.  While soaking and drying we are planning to celebrate with you all of our accomplishments!  ~ Together having taken one step at a time in order to take more.


If during this next few months you have an idea or want to take part, speak up, let your voice be heard!  

 The vision includes anyone who wants to participate. If you want to ride it, walk it or have another group that would like to participate. It is doing what you are the most comfortable doing along the way. Join in on the journey via video, throw a concert or other fundraising activity, sell a brand where the proceeds go to the Coast 2 Coast Cause, donate financially. This is the opportunity to take part as no part is too small and as a whole we can create something large. 

Parades through cities, accompanied by the mounted police, cars pulled by horses with those who are unable to walk, ride or run. The idea is to open this up to everyone. Help create a Reality from a Vision. If you would like to host or co-host an event contact 360-265-3602.