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Posted on June 16, 2012 at 9:20 PM

Sierra, Ursa and I made our way out of East Helena. The break did wonders for Sierra as she was back to her big sassy self! We had a little bit of street riding to do, but found a nice ‘trail’ off the road for the bulk of it. A few dogs had to bark at the big red dog, and of all dogs, Ursa had to make a statement to a cute pittie (behind a fence) who was also trying to make a statement (it sucks when that happens and you are on top of a horse – it is just hard pulling on the leash that much and I have to really did into the saddle as Ursa is pretty strong) and this only lasted for less than a minute. We made our way to the hwy where a couple people stopped me to ask what we were doing and where we were headed. It was already warm and I decided to tie up and get an extra bottle of water for Ursa and I before we headed onto the interstate. I had Sierra tied on one pole and Ursa tied to another. When I went in and paid the fellow behind the counter said: “Pretty horse, but we really like your dog!” Ursa was sporting her saddle bags – gotta love red on a black dog ;).


We were going to ride the burrow pit next to the interstate, but I noticed a nice little road way on the far side of the rail tracks which paralleled the hwy, so we took that. It made for a nice ride. You could barely hear the road as the railroad sat higher then we did and as a result you could not see the interstate as well. A couple trains went by and Sierra only balked at the small one. I do think Ursa helps Sierra at moments like that….well when Sierra doesn’t try to turn and run anyway…… We took a short break at a couple of roads that intersected our path and it looked like they were replacing the wood that you drive across when you go over rail track. Sure enough another couple of miles that was exactly what they were doing. Sierra really was not a fan of the train that carried the equipment so when I saw it up ahead I thought dang, this could get interesting! I rode up and the guys said hi. I thought about crossing right there, but did not want to get in the guys’ way and like I said there was large pieces of equipment there. I think one cut out the old wood, and it looked like another would cut and fit the wood – pretty amazing actually. Up ahead it looked like I could keep going although the ‘road’ came to an end. So we stayed on the off side. I jumped off Sierra before the equipment and we walked past and into my make shift trail. The grass looked like water grass, so I liked that – what I was not expecting was the bog we ended up in. Ursa sunk to her belly, I tried to stay on higher ground and Sierra sunk about a foot which meant she wanted to jump through it – that always makes it interesting. Then some horses appeared….never saw a horse jump from surprise before then –lol! Then we went a bit further and it got worse….well dang! So we sloshed back the way we had come and I ended up letting Ursa rest and Sierra graze as more equipment got moved up and down the track. I think we waited for about a half an hour (although it did feel like it was a lot longer then that). We popped out of the ‘brush’ and asked if we could cross – sure they said. You know it is a weird feeling walking past a bunch of workers like this…just sayin’.  Then we had to ride next to hwy. There was a good wide shoulder of it, but Sierra was a bit high strung from the day of trains and bogs which makes it a bit more interesting for riding esp. next to vehicles that travel on average 80 mph and who on occasion choose to hit their horn in a form of encouragement (at least I hope).  I found a little path that looked like a good idea that would allow us to ride a bit further away from the hwy. Which it did…..then there was fencing that seemed to appear from nowhere, which meant we had to ride around a couple of buildings to get back down to where we needed to be. So back onto the hwy…..ridin’, ridin, holy dog out of nowhere -----thank dog it was on the other side of some chain link and Ursa was too tired to give it a good what for! (The owner came a runnin to get it too – yay). We were able to cross the hwy and at the turn to get to Kyles there was a car with a flat tire…yes, I was glad I was on a horse J. (I also would have stopped to help if a guy hadn’t already just seconds before done that exact thing.  Down the road and around the bend we were at our next stop. And shortly after  came Kathy S. with my rig! Lasagna for dinner, Ursa got to come into the house after she took a good roll in actual grass.

The next day after breakfast of liver sausage (never would have tried it if I had known what it was , but I must admit it was good). We were on our way. It was all hwy to Townsend with no water that we knew of, so ursa got another break. Sierra cantered for her first time on this section. We came up to a bridge that we had to cross and there was not a lot of notice before a rig would be on top of you . I pulled her in, then when the coast was clear onto the hwy we went. Kicked her into a trot, a little more then WOW – what a nice canter (don’t tend to canter in the mountains). We got across that bridge just before aa big rig arrived……YAY Sis! We took a short break in the small town of Winston. Take a bathroom where you can is what I now say! A candy bar and soda later, to Townsend we were headed. (Isn’t it funny how when you use a bathroom, you feel like you should buy something???). It was a pleasant ride as the burrow was really wide, it was just getting hot. Not far out of Townsend a car pulled off to the side of the road. I have a tendency to use caution in this situations and evidently it showed as the driver said “I am a friend” (ok, do you think someone would say they are a foe – justy wonderin’).  It turns out it was Barry, the fellow who would be hosting me next. We talked a bit and I said I was going to try to get some water for Sierra at the building up ahead which turned out to be a bar. Barry went ahead and got a bucket and met us with water as I approached. He watered Sierra as I went in to use a bathroom and the bartender gifted me with a soda. Then it was up and off  went. There was another bridge we were going to have to cross and Barry had decided that he would use his vehicle to help me get across ( I will take all the help I can get),  A while later here comes Barry with Kyle and Kathy. My rig was parked on the far side of the bridge and they all were waiting for me. Across the bridge at a trot and we were there.. I rode Sierra a few more blocks to Barry’s place and after we were all there and everyone where they were supposed to be, Dinner was the plan………, magnificent food……yep, I am eating like I am in my 20’s again!

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