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24 hours of pig in cow country

Posted on June 16, 2012 at 9:20 PM

Cut out 2-3 miles of detour (there could have been a fence I didn’t see, but may have been worth the attempt).  Kathy S gave me a call to see where I was and said the news woman and she were on their way. They met up with Sis and I about a half an hour later, and Kathy had an ice cold ice tea for me – How Nice!! They hooked me up with a mic and did the interview (I don’t think it was one of my better moments, as I was tired and hot – this combination = brain melt ) I am really hoping I didn’t sound like a complete idiot. Evidently they ran it at 6 and 10 and were going to send it to their affiliate stations in Montana so people knew I was coming through (AMAZING!) Then I mounted up and rode away….onward toward west Helena and kathy’s place where we would be taking a couple days off. Kathy came back and told me she clocked an alternative route and it would take a mile off (I’ll take it!) as it just got hotter out. It is funny how you can be surrounded with people and places and still need water. We happened on a sprinkler and I have no inhibitions at this point. I bring Sierra over, take my hat off and let it fill up (that is one of the reasons I were a felt hat – this particular one is a 5x, meaning the more x’x the more water proof it is). Sierra got 4-5 hat fulls and I got dang wet (which dried pretty darn quick!) and we continued on our way. Another mile down was a convience mart wher I tied up and went in for some Gatorade. There are some beverages which are nice to have, but something like tea does not do a good job of hydrating you (and honestly, I do not tend to like tea, but dang it was cold and that made it great). Now back down another road (it felt like we did a fair bit of zig then zag) and then more of a country road to east Helena. Chuck and Carmie passed us after moving the rig to Kathy’s and stopped so I got to say my Thank Yous and goodbye – always nice to do! Then the ride became….are we there yet? Are we there yet? Dang this was definitely further then we had thought……..Kathy came to check on us (we were still a couple miles away and her sister had made dinner and there were waiting on us (her twin sister who is also named Kathy also drove passed us and said hi). The last mile I pretty much had to drag Sierra in. Yep, this will be a two day off stop and Thank goodness the Kathy’s were willing. Sierra got to spend her day time hours down a couple of houses in a large pasture where on the first day off she pretty much slept. She got a massage and body work done by Kathy S.  and got to experience a magnetic sheet for the first time. I can honestly say I am sold on those. Kathy S sent it with me and said I could give it back when we are done with the ride. Kathy even worked on me a bit and what was interesting was that Sierra and I were tight in the same places.  Ursa got to be a farm/city dog for a bit. And I got to restock, go online, meet the whole family and take part in some amazing meals and feel like a part of the family. Kathy (first Kathy ran errands with me one day and I got to meet a good friend of hers and then meet up with Pam as well and we all had a drink. Ok, so I had pigs ass beer ( a damn good beer too, when I realized that I had 24 hours of pig in cow country! And now we had a running joke. Pork loin, bacon, pigs ass ……….and I hadn’t even seen a pig yet ;) Kathy S talked to the manager of Murdocks when we were in ther and Murdocks donated a couple bags of feed and a bag of salt to Sierra! And there is a really cool Conoco truck stop where there is a giant metal raring horse called and they made a donation as well….woo hoo , we got gas (lol, you know the kind ;). The second day Kathy B(second Kathy) ran around with me.  And they set me up for my stops to Townsend and helped move the rig! I am forever grateful for having met them and for all they have done! Amazing people, both cancer survivors and Wonderful!! 

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