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I would have never believed you

Posted on June 6, 2012 at 8:55 PM

The night before I still did not know where I would be staying the next night, let alone a couple more down the road. I was so hungry and eating something warm and filling (like a burger) sounded so good. I passed 3 restaurants as I rode through Drummond and noticed one had wifi. That would do just great and I could get a couple things done while I ate. Well Drummond goes to bed early and come 8:30 ish all were closed down. But no worries…look a bar with food! In I walked and had my burger ordered when a woman approached me and asked if I was Tracy. I have to admit my mind was racing …..did I do something wrong? How do you know that? Etc. I even hesitated before I said yes (embarrassing to admit, but admit it I will). Turns out she had heard about me from RJ (back before Missoula) and was hoping to run into me. Next thing I knew she was on the phone trying to find me a place to stay and boy did she! She contacted the owners of the bar and I spoke with Pam for a bit. Pam said I was welcome to stay at their place (yay! Night after next taken care of!), but I still needed a place for the next night…..and she said Sheila lived between them , who happened to be bartending that night! After I hung up I asked Sheila if she might let a horse stay at her place and a yes it was! WOW – good food and places to stay! Now all I had to do was figure out how to get my rig there.  When I got off the phone I was introduced to the woman’s son (whom she said wanted to meet me) and his friend. We chatted a bit and they asked about logistics, etc. I told them how it had been working and that I needed to move my rig and they volunteered! Now if you had ever told me I would hand my keys to a complete stranger in a bar, let alone to someone in their 20’s I would have never believed it. But that is exactly what I did and I knew everything would be ok.  And sure enough when I rode into Sheila’s there it was.  Then let’s compound this with the fact I am now at someone’s home who just met me the night before in a bar and left their house wide open for me to make myself at home! This ride has re emphasized for me that faith in one another is priceless and I have much gratitude for that….

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